Top 10 Adorable Young Adult Bedroom Ideas

Top 10 Adorable Young Adult Bedroom Ideas

Young Adult Bedroom Ideas

Finding a good bedroom idea for young adults can be daunting. While using too many colors will make your bedroom like a nursery, adopting an adult’s concept can be boring. Luckily, we have compiled adorable and inspiring young adult bedroom ideas that will be easily accepted by everyone.

To get started, look inside yourself. A bedroom is a place where you relax and reveal your true self so it should represent your personality. Nobody can tell what should and shouldn’t be there as your bedroom is your territory. Here’s a closer look at intriguing bedroom ideas for young adults.

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10 Young Adult Bedroom Ideas

1. Beach-Themed Bedroom

Beach-Themed Bedroom decor

Incorporating a beach look allows you to borrow the relaxing and refreshing ambiance of a beach. Especially if you adore the beach that much, you won’t be able to resist this bedroom idea. You can start to pick some shades like turquoise, white, and powder blue to paint the wall.

Embellish your cabin with some accessories, such as decorative shells and coastal theme knick-knacks. If you have an extra budget, transforming your bedroom walls into shiplap helps accentuate the beach concept. Get some coastal-themed extras like wall paintings and even surfboards. 

2. Hollywood Glamour

Hollywood Glamour bedroom decor

If you are obsessed with celebrities and pop stars, Hollywood glamour makes your bedroom a perfect place to relax. This theme wraps Hollywood hints with pop stars pin-up or photos that serve as an adorable centerpiece. You can also incorporate wall hangings and posters for extras.

Keep your walls in a neutral shade so you can focus on the centerpiece. White, grey, or pastel colors work well to bring a sense of life without making your bedroom feel more cramped. 

3. Shabby Chic Bedroom

shabby chic bedroom decor ideas

Shabby chic is one of my favorite young adult bedroom ideas. This theme combines the shabby and chic look that creates an intriguing and unique bedroom decoration. Shabby chic themes are characterized by distressing furniture and pastel color choices.

Paint the walls with chalky white, dusky pink, or nautical blue to evoke a strong accent of shabby chic. You may also include a distressed dresser and bedroom vanity in pastel colors. Choose flower-patterned bed linens and pillows that can serve as a focal point in your room.

4. Floor to Ceiling Draperies

Floor to Ceiling Drapes bedroom decor ideas

When it comes to a minor bedroom revamp, you can simply install new draperies for your bedroom windows. Floor-to-ceiling draperies create a substantial change into your room, especially if you choose ones with the right colors and patterns.

This kind of draperies adds more height visually, making it a perfect piece for your small bedroom. You may also opt for bed linens and pillows with a similar pattern, allowing you to create balance for all elements.

5. Savvy Storage

Savvy Storage bedroom decor ideas

Finding the best young adult bedroom ideas for a small space is rather tricky. You have to double the effort and creativity so that everything can fit into the room. This bedroom idea helps you keep the room tidy and organized with savvy storage idea.

If you run out of horizontal space, utilizing vertical space can be a brilliant alternative. There are many wall shelving that comes in a variety of shapes and designs so you can pick one that meets your bedroom idea. It works well to keep your books, collectibles, and accessories in place.

6. Casual-Themed Bedroom

Casual-Themed Bedroom decor ideas

Casual is one of the best themes for a men’s bedroom. Not only does it look simple but it is also quite easy to d├ęcor. You can start by choosing a calm and neutral shade for the wall, such as dark grey, earthy tones, white, ivory, and much more.

Opt for simple furniture to accentuate its casual look. Avoid furniture with striking colors or patterns that contrast the other elements of the room. You can also incorporate a cozy lounge chair, a table, and a bookshelf to help you make the most of the bedroom.

7. Cottage Style

Cottage Style Bedroom decor ideas

Do you miss the relaxing ambiance of a cottage each and every day? Cottage style can be the best young adult bedroom ideas to adopt. It may not be the most popular room idea but it works well to bring tranquility to your personal cabin. Not to mention it is pretty easy to decor.

To accentuate a cottage theme, you can start with floral linens and draperies. Paint your walls with refreshing colors like teal, turquoise, and baby blue. You can also include wooden furnishings like a dresser or bedside table. 

8. Rustic and Antique

Rustic and Antique Bedroom decor ideas

Adopting a rustic theme makes your bedroom feel warm and cozy. If you want to represent your mature and warm personality or simply need a unique concept, rustic works well for you. This style is often characterized by distressed wooden furniture and earthy colors.

Decorating a rustic bedroom won’t give you a headache. Install wood boards to create a textured accent on the wall. Place a distressed wooden bedside table and a classic lamp to evoke strong nuance of rustic. Keep using earthy tones to balance all of the elements.

9. Sweet and Charming

Sweet and Charming Bedroom decor ideas

If you need a bedroom to unwind, a sweet and charming concept can help you swing all the problems away. This is one of the most favorite young adult bedroom ideas for girls. It comes with sweet wallpaper, a bed canopy, and a chandelier to evoke a relaxing escape.

If you are a calm, sweet, and mature girl, this bedroom idea works well to represent your personality. Add some extras like wall hangings or accessories as desired.

10. Men’s Bedroom

Men’s Bedroom decor ideas

Men’s bedroom idea helps reveal your true self. It evokes a manly look, thanks to a neutral shade and simple room arrangement. You don’t need to incorporate many things, just keep it. A cozy lounge chair and a bedside table will be sufficient to make you feel comfortable.

Despite the limited furniture, it can be a multipurpose bedroom. You can lounge with friends, finish a project, or do your hobby.

Picking a theme for a young adult’s bedroom can be tricky but the result is worth your effort. Young adult bedroom ideas above are adorable and easy to apply, allowing you to revamp your sleeping area and make the most of it.