27 Wedding Registry Ideas for Guys You Want to Check Out

27 Wedding Registry Ideas for Guys You Want to Check Out

Wedding Registry Ideas for Guys

So, you are going to marry your beloved one soon. It goes without saying that when it comes to a wedding, there are many things to prepare. One of these things is the wedding registry. Still unsure of what to put on your wedding registry list? We can help. Below, we have a list of wedding registry ideas for guys.

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About Wedding Registry

About Wedding Registry

What is a wedding registry? It is a list of items that an engaged couple wants or needs. On average, guests spend $85 to $125 for wedding gifts. So, when you make a wedding registry, keep this in mind. Your wedding registry list should have the items that you want or need the most as well as enough options for the guests to choose from.

Don’t feel greedy or guilty about making a list of items that you want or need. If anything, a wedding registry makes it easier for the guests to find out what kind of items you want and will use.

They don’t have to guess what kind of wedding gift they should give to you. And for you, you will get what you really want or need. It is a win-win situation and convenient for both parties.

27 Wedding Registry Ideas

As for where to register, the usual go-to option is department stores. This is not your only option, of course. Nowadays there are lots of online registries on which you can make a wedding registry. Wherever it is, make sure to register your wedding registry with at least two stores that are accessible to your guests.

1. Mechanic Tool Set

Mechanic Tool Set

In a household, something can and will break. Or at the very least, need to be repaired. Of course, you will need tools when that time comes. That is why we think one of the best wedding registry ideas for guys is a mechanics toolset. The more tools the set has, the better.

2. Industrial Brass and Copper Drink Dispenser

Industrial Brass and Copper Drink Dispenser

Thinking of completing the industrial theme of the house? Or perhaps you just want to add a small touch of industrial? Either way, an industrial brass and copper drink dispenser will be a nice addition to the house. A dispenser made from reclaimed wood, copper, and brass (which, by the way, scream industrial-ness) will surely make a unique statement.

3. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Music makes life better. So, why not play the sound of your favorite song everywhere you like? A Bluetooth portable speaker is a perfect choice for that. Next time you have a party in the house or when you go to the beach, you can provide a fitting soundtrack for it with the speaker. No more worrying about cables.

4. Oil and Vinegar Set

Oil and Vinegar Set

Yes, we include oil and vinegar set in our list of wedding registry ideas for guys. Why? Well, chances are, you will need it. This two-in-one set up will come in handy when you or your spouse cook. Not to mention there are plenty of stylish oil and vinegar sets that will make your kitchen counter look even better.

5. Aluminum Step Ladder with Tray

Aluminum Step Ladder with Tray

Other than a mechanics toolset, what do you think you will need in a household? Yes, a ladder. Specifically, an aluminum ladder with a tray. Sooner or later you will need a ladder, whether you want to fix the lamp, place something on the upper kitchen cabinets, reaching hard spots, and so on. You will definitely need it.

6. Wine and Cheese Carousel

Wine and Cheese Carousel

If you and your partner have been living together, chances are you already have sets of bedding, lots of dishes, and kitchen appliances. In that case, one of the best wedding registry ideas for couples living together is something simple but can multitask. For example, personalized wine and cheese carousel.

7. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Techie or not, you’d love to have an Amazon Echo in your house. How could you not? The smart speaker can not only stream music but also answer questions and search the internet. If you have smart home devices, it can command them. Some models can do more things like video chat and playing a video. Definitely, something you want to have in your house.

8. Thick Cutting Board

Thick Cutting Board

Another one of the best wedding registry ideas for couples living together is a cutting board. Not an ordinary cutting board, obviously. What you want to put in your wedding registry list is a thick cutting board. Next time Thanksgiving is coming, the thick cutting board will be handy to prepare that giant turkey.

9. Outdoor Dinnerware

Outdoor Dinnerware

You have an outdoor space to spare. What is the best way to enjoy the evening with your wife? The answer is a romantic outdoor dinner. After all, who wouldn’t love such a thing? If you are planning to have an outdoor dinner from time to time, consider adding outdoor dinnerware to your wedding registry list. 

10. Spa Experience at Home

Spa Experience at Home

Not all wedding gifts have to be tangible. Sometimes, wedding gifts are best if they are tangible. This is especially true for couples living together. One of the best wedding registry ideas for couples living together is an at-home spa experience. Enjoy a relaxing spa experience without having to get out of the house!

11. Bar Accessories

Bar Accessories

Do you have a bar in the house? If yes, you probably already have wine glasses (if you don’t, add them to your registry). What do you need more? Well, having some bar accessories here and there certainly won’t hurt. Speaking of which, the best bar accessories are ones that are both functional and stylish.

12. Upgraded Cookware

Upgraded Cookware

Unless you have been living together, you will cook more. And what better item to assist you in your cooking than upgraded cookware? Besides, cooking together with your spouse is a fun activity, and much cheaper than going out. All that while still within the comfort of your home. All that is needed is upgraded cookware.

13. Blender


The next one in our wedding registry ideas for guys is a blender. A blender makes life a lot easier. This is especially so if you want to eat wholesome, responsible foods like smoothies, margaritas, or the likes. If you haven’t had a blender in your kitchen already, you want to add it to your wedding registry list.

14. Gym Membership

Gym Membership

As we said, wedding gifts need not be tangible. One of the best intangible gifts for couples living together is a gym membership. If you and your partner want to spend time together and tackle exercise challenges together, registering a gym membership on your wedding registry list is certainly an excellent idea.

15. Custom Family Portrait

Custom Family Portrait

There are lots of items that can turn a living space into a home. One of them is a family portrait. Want to make it more personalized and special? List a custom-made family portrait in your wedding registry. Oh, and if you two have pets, don’t hesitate to include them in the family portrait. Pets are, after all, parts of the family, too.

16. Custom Apron with Handprinted Name

Custom Apron with Handprinted Name

So you and your partner love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. In that case, why not list custom aprons with handprinted name on your wedding registry list? Because the aprons are custom-made, they will feel more personalized and special. No more worrying about dirtying your clothes from cooking again!

17. Monthly Wine Subscription

Monthly Wine Subscription

You don’t have to be a wine aficionado to enjoy an evening of wine with your partner. If you do, well, that makes it even better. An evening of wine is always a delight, after all. So, why not add a monthly wine subscription to your list? As for the wines, you can choose what wines will be sent to you.

18. Bartender Kit

Bartender Kit

Are you the kind of guy that loves to mix martini or make fancy drinks? If you are, one of the best wedding registry ideas for guys you can wish for is a bartender kit. To make it easy for your guests, register a simple yet stylish bartender kit. Yes, the kind of bartender kit that not only functional but also stylish.

19. A Family Name Sign

A Family Name Sign

You and your partner have been living together before marriage. You already have everything. What should you put on the list, then? Here’s an idea: a family name sign.

Although you may have been living together as a couple before, you probably don’t have a family name sign yet. Such a gift will surely your living space even more homely.

20. Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

The next one on our wedding registry ideas for guys is a wireless charging pad. Untangling endless cords and mixing up chargers can be annoying. Want to avoid it and make things more organized?

What you need is a wireless charging pad, preferably one that can charge multiple devices at once. No more untangling cord and mixing up chargers.

21. Champagne Coupe Set

Champagne Coupe Set

Make your kitchen more beautiful with a champagne coupe stemware set. Sure, run-of-the-mill drinkware is functional and all, but if you want to make a statement, a champagne coupe set is your best friend. It doesn’t matter whether you are drinking alone or with guests, beautiful coupes make the occasion special.

The best thing about a champagne coupe set is that there are plenty of options available. There are set that have muted colors, and there are others that look striking. Either way, it is nice to have a champagne coupe set.

22. Kitchen Utensils and Tablet Holder

Kitchen Utensils and Tablet Holder

If you two are a couple that loves to cook and spend time in the kitchen but don’t live together, you will probably have an absurd amount of kitchen utensils once you two are living together. In that case, among the best wedding registry ideas for couples living together for you two is a kitchen utensil and tablet holder.

23. Gorgeous Rug

Gorgeous Rug

You and your partner have all the home basics already. What more do you need? Well, there is always room for a gorgeous rug. A gorgeous rug can either complement the d├ęcor of the house or make a statement by becoming the focal point. As such, you’d want to consider adding it to your list.

24. Carved Terracotta Planter

Carved Terracotta Planter

Functional wedding gifts, like kitchen utensils, a speaker, and the like, are always welcome. That said, they are not the only things worth adding to the wedding registry list. Something simple like a carved terracotta planter is nice, too. Especially so if you want to add a personal and natural touch to the house.

25. Fancy Smoking Cloche

Fancy Smoking Cloche

Next, a fancy smoking cloche. Smoking cloche is one thing. A fancy smoking cloche is another. This kind of gift is surely one of the best wedding registry ideas for guys if you like smoky cocktails and cheeses.

Why? Firstly, you can make your favorite cocktails and cheeses with it. Secondly, when the cloche not in use, it adds something beautiful in the kitchen. Surely one item you should consider adding to the list.

26. Electric Shoe and Boot Drier

Electric Shoe and Boot Drier

Admit it. You probably don’t even think about this item, let alone putting them on your wedding registry list. Well, a shoe and boot dryer will always come in handy. Having one for the household surely is an excellent idea. Pulling cold, soggy rain or snow boots will be a thing of the past.

27. Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

If you are well-established and think it is better to give back to the community, consider registering charitable donations on your wedding registry. There is nothing nobler than asking your guests to make charitable donations to non-profits (or other causes of your choosing) instead of giving wedding gifts for you.

Charitable donations are definitely a great way to share happiness on your special day. You and your partner are married and your guests can make charitable donations. Now that’s a really special day! So, what do you think? Which wedding registry ideas for guys do you think suit you the most? Whichever it is, make sure that you put what you really want and know will use in the future. Also, make sure that there are enough varieties of items on the list so your guests can have options to choose from. Good luck!

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