Top 10 Cutest Summertime Baby Shower Ideas Every Parent Should Know

Top 10 Cutest Summertime Baby Shower Ideas Every Parent Should Know

Summertime Baby Shower Ideas

What’s the best part of expecting a baby? Yup, it’s a baby shower! Throwing a baby shower in summer just doubles the happiness. There are lots of cute summertime baby shower ideas to make your party more fun and memorable.

We have compiled awe-inspiring themes to choose from. Whether it’s a boy or girl, the following list of baby shower themes will have you covered. Take a closer look at the following themes and find one that suits you best!

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Adorable Summertime Baby Shower Themes

1. Beach-Themed Baby Shower

Beach-Themed Baby Shower ideas

Beach is a timeless theme for a summertime baby shower. Many moms and dads-to-be have taken it and successfully threw a fun and joyful baby shower. If you need something different, simply twist the theme without leaving the main concept.

To accentuate a beach or ocean theme, create a giant mermaid figure of ocean creatures from balloons. If you have time, collect some seashells and decorate the interior with them. Some alternative colors for a beach-themed baby shower are teal, navy, or blue.

2. Sailor Baby Shower

Sailor Baby Shower ideas

A sailor baby shower is one of the perfect summer baby shower themes for a boy. You can start with a navy-blue baby shower cake with a tiny sailor baby in the middle. Installing sailor-themed backdrops, anchors wall d├ęcors, and other sailor-themed pieces will bring your party to life.

Don’t forget about your costumes. While dad can wear a Popeye-like costume, mom may opt for unique ocean-themed garb with a messy hairdo. If necessary, inform your guests about the dress code on the invitation card. You will absolutely love this idea.

3. Summer Festival

Summer Festival baby Shower ideas

If you are more into a playful theme, the summer festival will work well. It’s all about bright-colors, including decors, outfits, and even food. Get some colorful balloons, pick fresh flowers, and learn unique napkin decorations for a perfect baby shower celebration.

You can also learn how to make your own fruit cake or finger food for a summer festival baby shower. Pay attention to details is important. Prepare the guest list and make sure they send RSVPs so you can make a better calculation, especially if you have tight budgets.

4. BBQ-Themed Baby Shower

BBQ-Themed Baby Shower ideas

Enjoy the summer breeze while throwing an outdoor baby shower with a BBQ theme. This is a unique way to celebrate the happiness of expecting a baby in the next couple of months. With unique barbecue-themed decors, you can easily spruce up the party.

Throwing a BBQ theme baby shower is more casual and low-key. You can mingle with friends and relatives in the backyard, enjoy fresh and flavorful food, as well as put adorable decors for a memorable moment. You can also opt for a variety of baby shower games for a livelier celebration.

5. Outdoor Picnic

Outdoor Picnic Baby Shower ideas

This is another fun idea to throw a baby shower especially if you have a large backyard. Simply prepare an outdoor dining table and embellish it with a cute tablecloth, fresh flowers, and unique napkins. Voila! Happiness and summer vibe is in the air.

Overall, creating an outdoor baby shower is quite simple. To accentuate the theme, prepare your baby shower cake and finger food with a similar idea.

6. Flower Blossoms

Flower Blossoms Baby Shower ideas

In every list of girl baby shower themes, flower blossoms should be included. You can opt to use either colorful flowers or monochromatic palettes. While colorful flowers make your baby shower festive, monochromatic flowers feel more elegant and lavish.

Although it’s a girl baby shower, it doesn’t necessarily to be all pink. You can mix all colors, including navy or blue that are familiar in boy baby showers. To help your guests guess the theme, make a flower blossom centerpiece in your venue.

7. Hawaiian Baby Shower

Hawaiian Baby Shower ideas

The Hawaii-inspired baby shower helps expecting moms forget their anxiety about due dates for a while. This is one of the best summertime baby shower ideas to make it a memorable occasion. Start with a set of Hawaiian decors, such as backdrops, wall decors, centerpieces, and much more.

It might be rather similar to a beach-themed baby shower but you can make some twists for differences. Inform your guests to wear beach garb along with sunglasses or flower wreaths for female guests. See how your baby shower goes perfectly.

8. Aesthetic Garden Party

Aesthetic Garden Party Baby Shower ideas

Transform your backyard into a nice venue for a garden party baby shower. This adorable theme is perfect for summer, allowing your guests to enjoy the summer breeze while appreciating the beauty of your outdoor landscape. Not to mention you don’t need to worry about messy interior after the celebration.

Preparing an aesthetic garden party is quite simple. For baby shower themes for girls, fresh flowers come in handy to make the tabletop decorations and even a wreath for a centerpiece. If necessary, you can also rent a small pergola and spruce it up with foliage and flowers.

9. Fun & Simple

Fun & Simple Party Baby Shower ideas

A fun and simple baby shower can be the best option to celebrate happiness without giving you a headache. This party idea comes up with simple decorations that can be adjusted with your baby’s gender. For instance, pink or lavender It’s a Girl banner will work great for gender reveal.

You might want to include cute knickknacks but it is important to keep it simple. Ditch unnecessary decorations because it will ruin the simple concept you adopt. Having a centerpiece, banner, and balloons will be enough for this baby shower theme idea.

10. Cute Animals

Cute Animals Party Baby Shower ideas

Cute animals are among the most popular themes for a merry baby shower. With cute animal decorations here and there, this theme is great for both sexes. Choose neutral animals so your guests won’t be able to guess the baby’s gender before you announce it.

A good thing about this theme is that animal decorations are completely easy to find, ranging from balloons to banners to centerpieces. If you don’t have much time for the preparation, the cute animal's theme is great to opt for.

So, which summertime baby shower ideas suit you best? Before picking a theme, discuss with your partner for the best decision. You might also need to consider several aspects, such as budgets, number of guests, baby’s gender as well as a venue that you have. Happy choosing!

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