12 Student Council Poster Ideas to Help You Get the Vote

12 Student Council Poster Ideas to Help You Get the Vote

Student Council Poster Ideas

Are you running for a Student Council position? If the answer is a yes, then you will need to make student council posters that announce your candidacy. Have no idea how your posters should look like? Check out our student council poster ideas below for inspiration.

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12 Student Council Poster Ideas

Student Council Poster Ideas

1. Remind the Voters of the Election

Let’s start with a simple one. You can make a campaign poster about the student council election. For example, make a reminder about when and where the election will be held.

Remind the Voters of the Election - Student Council Poster Ideas

Of course, at the same time, you want to include the message “Vote for me” or a similar message like that. This shows to your fellow students that their votes matter and that you need their vote to win a position in the student council.

2. If You Vote Me, You Vote for You

Don’t Trash Your Vote - Student Council Poster Ideas

The next idea on our student council poster ideas is to make a poster that says “A Vote for Me Is a Vote for You”. This simple sentence speaks two messages to your fellow students.

Firstly, it acknowledges how important their vote is. Even a single vote matters a lot for you. Secondly, it implicitly says that you will be the representative of your fellow students in the student council. Hence, voting for you is a vote for them.

3. Text-like Poster

Text-like Poster - Student Council Poster Ideas

When it comes to student council poster ideas, you need to know that it shouldn’t be too serious or formal. That is, you can have fun with your campaign poster, too.

For example, you can make a poster that looks like a conversation or texting. It can go like this:

A: Who r u voting 4

B: (insert your name). Duh!

A: Awesome, me too

B: C u 2morrow

A: K, bye

4. Google Search

There are just so many ways to make a student council poster fun. We told you about a text-like poster in the previous example. Of course, that’s not the only way to do announce your student council candidacy.

Here’s another fun idea for the poster: make it look like a Google search result. In the search box, write something like “The best student council candidate” or the likes. The search results? Fill them with your name.

5. Hand-drawn

Hand-drawn art never gets old. Although digital drawing makes printing, simpler, drawing by hand has its own charm. It feels more personalized and unique. These apply to the hand-drawn poster, too.

For example, the poster is a hand-drawn portrait of you with some messages. To make it personalized and unique, add the characteristics that make you, you. It can be your hairstyle, eyeglasses, etc. Simple, yet effective. A hand-drawn poster will make you stand out from other candidates, which is an advantage.

6. Start with a Question

A good poster is a poster that can attract attention. Posing a question is a good way to do so. It is one of the engaging student council poster ideas you can try.

For example, ask “Are you happy?” The answers are yes and no.

  • Yes leads to a question: “Want to keep it that way?”
  • No leads to a statement: “Do something about it”

Then both path leads to the same conclusion: Vote for you.

7. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Yes, a phrase that everyone knows. So, why not use this familiar phrase for your campaign? We are not looking for the fairest of them all, though. So, put a twist on it and make it a campaign message.

For the twist, you can go with “Who is the best student council candidate of them all?”, for example. The answer is, of course, you. This is a fun way to get your fellow students’ attention and hopefully, their vote.

8. Just Do It

Student Council Poster Ideas - just do it

That’s a famous catchphrase of a certain sportswear company. A catchphrase that everyone knows. Let’s make it yours for the campaign. You can write “Vote” with the swoosh logo replacing the letter “V” then write your name underneath.

Alternatively, you can write the whole catchphrase and again, write your name underneath it. The poster is simple, but it does get the message across.  Just be sure the poster can be read easily.

9. Don’t Trash Your Vote

Don’t Trash Your Vote - Student Council Poster Ideas

Some students are just not interested in the student election. They might even think that whether or not they vote doesn’t matter. You want to make a poster that refutes this. You want to make a poster that tells your fellow students that their vote matters and they should not trash their vote.

You can include images of trash bins in the poster and add “Don’t trash your vote” to tell them the importance of their vote and include “Vote (your name)”.

10. Don’t Be Too Serious

student council poster ideas - dont be too serious

The examples of student council poster ideas here have shown you that you can make student council election fun. Don’t be too serious about it, especially so for your campaign poster.

So instead of being too serious, be playful and fun. Make a poster that is as engaging as possible. Add jokes and add funny images. You can even use memes.

11. Make It Punny

Making a fun poster with puns is certainly one of the best student council poster ideas. Not only do you get the attention of your fellow students, but you might also be able to put a smile on their faces too.


  • I mustache (a pun of must ask) you a question. Will you vote for me?
  • It’s not a rough (a pun of rough) choice. Vote (insert your name) with a dog image.

12. Use Colors But Not Too Many

Use Colors But Not Too Many - Student Council Poster Ideas

Lastly, don’t use too many colors. A poster should attract attention. But if it has too many colors, it will look like a sore thumb which no one wants to see.

So, when you make a poster, include colors that attract attention but know your limit. Bright colors are good but use them sparingly.

Feeling inspired yet? There are plenty of ways to make a student council poster. The student council poster ideas above at the very least give you a glimpse of how your poster should be. Make sure your poster is eye-catching, personal, and able to deliver your message. Good luck!

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