Need Inspiration for Your Fair Project? Here Are Social Studies Fair Projects Ideas You Should Check Out

Need Inspiration for Your Fair Project? Here Are Social Studies Fair Projects Ideas You Should Check Out

The social studies fair is coming. Yet, you haven’t decided on the topic for your project. We are here to help. Below, we listed X social studies fair project ideas to inspire you. We also give you four tips to help you find the best topics so you can make an awesome fair project. Ready? Let’s start.

History Topics

In case you don’t know already, history is a part of social studies. After all, people had to relate to one another, regardless of the era. For example, during World War II, women were filling important jobs while men were fighting. After the men returned, women were shunted and forced to leave the workforce.

Another example, how things as innocuous as silverware can affect the social etiquette and norms at the nightly dinner table. Fascinating, isn’t it? Many historical themes offer interesting topics for research and project. 

Below are some social studies fair project ideas with history topics.

  • Vanity in the 19th century
  • Local Architecture Patterns
  • Midwives and Birth Rates
  • The Impact of a President’s Visit
  • Nutrition and Diets of Civil War Soldiers
  • The Inventions that Changed School Work
  • The Architectural History of Aztecs

Political Science Topics

The issues of race and politics are undoubtedly areas for social studies. So is Electoral College fairness. There are many national organizations that, not only believe in conspiracy theories but also devoted their time and resource to the study and discussion of such topics.

The following are social studies projects ideas with political science topics:

  • How do polls work?
  • Electoral College – Is it fair?
  • Comparison of political systems
  • Politics and race
  • Conspiracy theories
  • How to negotiate with people who hold extremist views?
  • What are the best strategies to neutralize conflicts before it even begins?
  • Has the United Nation achieved its mandate of preventing global conflicts?
  • Are developed nations obliged to intervene in other countries to abate conflict?

Economics Topics

Economics is, by definition, a social science. Therefore, it is a valid topic for your social studies fair project. Job loss and growth, whether it occurs locally or nationally, affect how people relate to each other as well as how they vote, for example.

There is also a hot topic these days: globalization. Globalization has sparked many debates, each side with its arguments. International treaties, especially those concerning trade, can affect not just countries but also small communities and even individuals.

These social studies fair projects ideas with economics topics may give you a starting point:

  • How does the International Monetary Fund work?
  • Globalization – good or bad
  • Are international treaties good or bad?
  • What political party creates job growth or loss?
  • Do attractive people make more money?

Sociology Topics

If you like sociology topics, you will have plenty of topics to choose from. Sociology is, after all, a very wide subject. You can work on a project about marriage customs, racism, public versus private schools and their funding, whether or not is it ethical to adopt children from Third World countries, and so on.

Here are some social studies fair projects ideas you can consider:

  • Will racism ever die?
  • Examining marriage customs
  • Good and bad role models
  • Population control around the world
  • The ethics of adopting children from Third World countries
  • Food regulation
  • State versus federal power
  • Government and private education systems
  • Building in flood zones
  • How to minimize culture shock
  • Understanding the cultural life of Amazon tribes
  • Urbanization and how it causes the loss of cultural diversity around the world

Psychology Topics

Psychology, which is a field that puts the mind and behavior as its focus, too is a part of social study. It studies not only what makes us tick but how we relate to each other as well. From things as simple as local traffic patterns to how the presence of Walmart in local communities affects its inhabitant’s way of thinking.

Below are some social studies fair project ideas you can use for your project.

  • Why do we make friends?
  • Family traditions and superstitions
  • TV commercials and self-image
  • Television and test scores
  • Birth order and test scores
  • Wii games and family time
  • Facebook and communication in the family
  • Technology and procrastination
  • Using a local currency
  • Local vocabulary patterns
  • Bullying: Yesterday and Today
  • The impact of river traffic

Four Tips on Picking the Best Topics

You have plenty of ideas now for your project. The question is, how do you pick the best topics? How do you go about it? Below, we have 4 proven and time-tested tips to help you find the best topic for your social studies fair project.

1. Look for the topic you like

For your project, you need social studies fair project ideas with the topic you like. Yes, your preference matters. Why? Because if you are working on a project with the topic you like, you are likely to stay motivated and not get bored midway. And with that, lowering the risk of a poor grade.

2. Follow your teacher’s prompts

Your teacher will give you prompts for the fair project. While you might have a topic that you like, you still have to follow these prompts strictly. 

For example, is the topic assignment general? Or the students can focus on a single topic? By carefully following the prompts, you are likely to make a good project and get a good grade.

3. Find some examples

Finding some examples is a good idea too. By doing so, you will be able to see not only the type of fair projects that others worked on but also how they did it. 

4. Research your subject widely

Lastly, research the subject that you have chosen widely. If you want your project to be more satisfying, you need to do comprehensive research about it. This makes identifying and focusing on the problems that interest you easier. Following the current affairs can help as well, depending on your subject.

So, feeling inspired yet? Which social studies fair project ideas that you like? Whichever ideas you pick up, make sure that it covers the topic you fancy. That way, you will stay motivated and will not get bored while making the project. We hope this helps. Good luck with your project!

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