33 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Bridegroom

33 Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Bridegroom

Wedding Gift Ideas for Bridegroom

wedding gift ideas for bridegroom - Getting married soon? Congratulations! You may think that you are ready for the big day. But do you really? What about the gift for your groom? Giving the perfect gift will make him feel special on the big day.

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To help you search for the perfect present for your groom, we listed 33 wedding gift ideas for bridegroom below.

1. Whiskey Essential Set


Whether your man is an expert whiskey drinker or is aspiring to be one, he will love a beautiful whiskey essentials set. Who doesn’t like a beautiful whiskey set in their kitchen?
What’s great about it is that there are countless different personalization options available. Yes, it is the kind of gift that is both functional and memorable.

2. Bluetooth Speaker Table

Bluetooth Speaker Table

Next on our wedding gift ideas for bridegroom list is a Bluetooth speaker table. Every man needs a speaker in their house. Your groom is no exception.

The thing is, it can eat up space in the house. A Bluetooth speaker table is an amazing compromise. Your man can enjoy his favorite music with just a touch of his phone while saving space.

3. Custom Shadowbox

Custom Shadowbox

If your man loves to watch a game or concert, why not make it something memorable? Get a custom shadowbox for him. The glass display allows your soon-to-be husband to display all of the games or concerts he attended or will attend. And yes, he could also save the first game he took with his (future) kids.

4. Personalized Cigar Set

Personalized Cigar Set

Does your groom love cigars? In that case, get him a cigar set. Not just an ordinary cigar set, though. Get him a personalized one. A personalized cigar set makes it easy for him to enjoy his favorite stogies and make things organized. And since it is personalized, it will remind him of his beloved wife.

5. Classic Cufflinks

Classic Cufflinks

Some wedding gift ideas for bridegroom end up forgotten. Something like classic cufflinks, however, will not be forgotten. Sure they are small but they will be used every time your groom dresses up. Better yet, classic cufflinks make him look sharp, doesn’t matter what the occasion or where he is.

6. A Personalized Watch

A Personalized Watch

A watch is such a classic gift for a man, no? There are various reasons why many choose to give their groom a watch. First and foremost is, of course, a watch is functional. Second, a watch can be a stunning accessory the groom can wear. And third, it is just memorable, especially if it is a personalized watch.

7. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

If sentimental and practical wedding gift ideas for bridegroom are what you want, look no further than a leather wallet. A wallet is something that your groom will access often. Each time he does so, he will see the gorgeous engraving, which will remind him of the wedding moment for many years to come.

8. Custom Personalized Underwear

Custom Personalized Underwear

When it comes to a wedding gift for a groom, it doesn’t have to be too serious or practical. Yes, the wedding day is a special occasion for the two of you. But that doesn’t mean you two can’t have fun with the gifts. A good idea for a fun gift is personalized undergarments with “Property of Mrs. (his last name)” written on it.

9. Engraved Wedding Compass

Engraved Wedding Compass

This is the perfect gift if you two are a couple who loves traveling. A custom compass with engraved names, thoughtful words, and your wedding date will send a special, heartfelt message to your groom. Best of all, the compass will remind your soon-to-be husband of this moment for years to come.

10. Wedding Survival Kit

Wedding Survival Kit

No, we don’t mean a real survival kit for weddings, of course. This is another one of the fun wedding gift ideas for bridegroom. Instead of giving your groom a gift, give him a box filled with fun little gifts. To make it special and fun, get a “New Husband Survival Kit” box for it. It will put a smile on his face for sure.

11. Custom Wedding Mug

Custom Wedding Mug

A couple of mugs is not a bad idea, too. Mugs may be small but they can be thoughtful gifts. This is particularly true if the mugs are custom made. A couple of custom made wedding mugs will certainly become adorable keepsakes, reminding you and your groom of your special day. Isn’t that wonderful?

12. Personalized Wedding Pillow

Personalized Wedding Pillow

A personalized wedding pillow is an amazing gift that the two of you can use. Anything can be special if we are with our beloved one. Yes, including even if it is a pillow. Want to make it better? Have your and your groom’s names engraved on the pillow. That will make it special.

13. Hand-written Love Letter

Hand-written Love Letter

One of the simplest wedding gift ideas for bridegroom is a hand-written love letter. Yes, a hand-written love letter might seem simple but nothing is more personal and heartfelt as a love letter that you wrote yourself for your soon-to-be husband. Express your love. Tell your man how much you love him.

14. Swiss Army Multi-tool

Swiss Army Multi-tool

If your man is an outdoorsman, guess what is one of the best gifts you can give him? That’s right. A Swiss Army knife. Speaking of which, the more tools the Swiss Army knife has, the better. You will know it is an amazing Swiss Army knife if it gets him asking, “What is there anything it cannot do?”

15. Constellation Map

Constellation Map

If stargazing is an activity that you two love, consider giving a customizable constellation map as a gift to your groom. What to make it more special and memorable? Pick a special date and location.
It can be the date or place where you two first met, got engaged or the date of marriage, and the map will show it. Amazing, isn’t it?

16. Personalized Journal Leather Cover

Personalized Journal Leather Cover

Whether your soon-to-be husband is a writer, an architect, or a lawyer, a leather cover will surely come in handy at work for all the notes he is keeping. To make it extra special for your man, have his monogram engraved on it. This special gift will make him think of you each time he opens it.

17. A “Story of Us” Journal

A “Story of Us” Journal

Marriage is a journey for the two of you. So, why not have a journal to document the journey? Perhaps add some photos on it too? You can get a customized or ready-made journal for this. Get one with “The Story of Us” written on the cover fill it first to help him started. You can fill the journal together in years to come.

18. Voice-controlled Smart Speaker

Voice-controlled Smart Speaker

Who doesn’t like a sleek black, voice-controlled speaker in their house? Your groom is no exception. This kind of speaker will allow your beloved soon-to-be husband to play his favorite music (or podcast, for that matter) in the house. Tip: get one with a built-in Alexa or Google Assistant, he will appreciate it.

19. Stylish Briefcase

Stylish Briefcase

Yes, a briefcase. One that can carry pens, smartphones, notebooks, laptops, you name it. A briefcase might not cross your mind. But sure enough, it makes a good gift. For your beloved one, find a leather briefcase that will make him look stylish and smart when he goes to work.

20. Grilling Tools Set

Grilling Tools Set

One of the items a man must have is a quality grilling toolset. This is why a grilling toolset makes an amazing wedding gift for your groom. After all, sooner or later, your groom will grill. With a quality grilling toolset, he will be able to make delicious barbeque for his beloved wife and kids later on.

21. Tool Kit

Tool Kit

No one plans to break anything in a household. But, things do get broken and need to be repaired from time to time. It is why a tool kit is essential for any household. Of course, including yours. A tool kit will make a great wedding gift for your groom.

22. Framed Wedding Vows

Framed Wedding Vows

Framed wedding vows is one of the most unique wedding gift ideas for bridegroom on the list. Wedding vows are forever. What better way to remind your groom of the vows you two shared than a framed wedding vow?

23. Custom Baseball Book

Custom Baseball Book

If your soon-to-be husband is an avid baseball fan, a custom baseball book will be the perfect wedding gift. Want to score a home run? Get a custom baseball book with a collection of articles about the significant moments of your groom’s favorite team. To add a personal touch, have his name embossed on the cover.

24. Beautiful Handkerchief

Beautiful Handkerchief

There are plenty of elaborate wedding gift ideas for bridegroom on the list. That doesn’t mean simple items can’t be a great wedding gift, however. A simple item, like a handkerchief, can make a great gift for your man.

25. Ammo Can

Ammo Can

Want to make a groom who loves hunting or fishing will feel special on his big day? Consider giving him an ammo can. The ammo can come in handy each time your man is out hunting or fishing.

26. Bucket List Book

Bucket List Book

As a couple, you two probably have a list of things you want to do together. If so, why not get a bucket list book which you can fill together? Be it building a business or traveling the world together, write them down on the list. A small thing like this can keep the two of you excited and motivated.

27. DIY Love Story Scrapbook

DIY Love Story Scrapbook

Perhaps a ready-made bucket list does not fit your groom’s taste? Or maybe he is more of a DIY person himself? If that is the case, consider creating a scrapbook filled with photos, notes, plane tickets, movie stubs, or any other items that have memories.

28. Wedding Charcuterie Board

Engraved Wood Cutting Board or Wedding Charcuterie Board

A wedding gift can be both aesthetical and functional. An engraved wooden cutting board is an excellent example of such a wedding gift. Functionally, it is a must-have item in the kitchen. Aesthetically, when not in use, the engraved wooden cutting board can be an amazing accessory in the kitchen.

A charcuterie board makes a nice wedding gift for the groom, too. A wedding charcuterie board that has you and your soon-to-be husband’s names on it feel more personalized. The bonus is it makes cooking together more fun.

29. Custom Wedding Photo Drawing

Custom Wedding Photo Drawing

If you are looking for cute wedding gift ideas for bridegroom, consider a custom wedding photo drawing. A small detail like a wedding photo can turn an ordinary living space into a home. A custom wedding photo drawing does it even better. It is cute and feels more personalized.

30. A Jar Filled with “Reasons Why I Love You”

A Jar Filled with “Reasons Why I Love You”

Next, a sentimental wedding gift. Yes, it is a jar filled with “reasons why I love you”. This thoughtful gift will remind him that you love him so much and that there are plenty of reasons why. It may not be functional or aesthetical, but it will certainly touch your soon-to-be husband’s heart.

31. Stainless Steel Mini Keg

Stainless Steel Mini Keg

Does your man love to drink his beer fresh and cold? If the answer is yes, a stainless steel mini keg that can keep beer not just fresh, but also cold for days will be the perfect wedding gift for him. Tip: to add a personal touch, have a monogram engraved on it.

32. Audio Sunglasses

Audio Sunglasses

Audio sunglasses is without a doubt among the coolest wedding gift ideas for bridegroom. Your soon-to-be husband will like it, regardless of whether he is a tech geek or not. To make it extra special, get him UV-blocking sunglasses that have built-in speakers so he can listen to his favorite music.

33. Personalized White Wood Plaque

Personalized White Wood Plaque

To be memorable, a gift does not need to be intricate or expensive. Sometimes, a simple and expensive gift does the job well, too. For example, a personalized white wood plaque that displays the names of the two of you and the special day. This kind of beautiful showpiece can make the home feel more homely.

So, which wedding gift ideas for bridegroom do you feel make the perfect gift for your soon-to-be husband? A wedding gift can be sentimental, reminding him that he is the one for you or practical, useful items that he will use later. Whatever the gift is, make sure that it shows and express your love for him.

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