15 Non Diamond Engagement Rings For Your Best Engagement Ring

15 Non Diamond Engagement Rings For Your Best Engagement Ring

Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Non-diamond engagement rings - You want to propose soon. Yet, you are still undecided about the ring other than not using a diamond one. Here’s an idea: look for non-diamond engagement rings. There are other alternatives to diamonds and they can just be as attractive. Here, we will talk about engagement rings that don’t use diamonds.

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Diamond Is Great, But…

Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are the traditional option for engagement rings. Nowadays, however, diamonds are not a must. There are lots of other gemstones out there, many are as beautiful as diamonds, if not more. Not surprisingly, there is an increasing number of people who choose non-diamond engagement rings.

There is also the fact that many celebrities wear alternative engagement rings without diamond as the center stone. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, and Emma Stone, to name a few. Another thing that makes gemstones attractive is they are less expensive than diamonds.

Sure, diamonds are pretty and sparkling but there are more than that for engagement rings. Besides, gemstones come in various colors, too. Some have a striking color like ruby or emerald. Some others, like moissanite, have a very similar appearance to diamond.

What Are Non-Diamond Engagement Rings?

What Are Non Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to options, there is no shortage of non-diamond engagement rings. No, really. There is a myriad of options to choose from. And there is no right or wrong choice here, so everything is based on personal taste.

So, what options do you have? There are various precious gemstones used as center stones. For example, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, to name a few. (We will explain more about these gemstones below). There are also semi-precious stones.

Best Alternative to a Diamond

Best Alternative to a Diamond

It can be difficult to decide what kind of engagement rings to buy. There are so many options available, after all. We understand that. Also, considering that diamonds have been a symbol of eternal love and commitment, you might wonder what is the best alternative to it for your engagement rings.

Diamonds are chosen not only because of their romantic symbolism and brilliant radiance. There is also a practical reason for that. Namely, its durability. Diamond is the hardest material in the world, so there is no doubt about its durability.

It is advised to remove the engagement ring when doing activities like cleaning, gardening, working out, and others. Most people ignore this advice and keep wearing their rings. This is why the durability of a ring is something to consider. Of course, being the hardest material on the planet, diamond is the go-to option.

Keeping the ring’s durability in mind, you should consider the hardness of the gemstones as well as your and your fiance’s lifestyles when looking for non-diamond engagement rings. Answer these questions:

  • Do you use your hands often when working?
  • How many times do you hit the gym?
  • Does your lifestyle involve you knocking your hands against something continuously?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you better look for harder and more durable stones like ruby or sapphire. If, on the other hand, the answer is no, then you can choose fragile gemstones like opals, emeralds, and pearls for your engagement rings.

15 Best Non-Diamond Engagement Rings You Want to Check Out

So, what diamond alternatives do you have? When it comes to numbers, there are many non-diamond engagements rings out there. Here, we listed 15 of them. The first 5 are some of the most popular gemstones while the rest are other unique and viable alternatives to diamond.

1. Ruby

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Ruby

The first one is ruby. It is among the most valuable and most beautiful gemstones in the world. The signature color of ruby is a deep red color, which makes it look so gorgeous. In addition to beauty, ruby is also almost as durable and hard as diamond. A ruby engagement ring will last for a long, long time.

Some people match their month of birth with a certain birthstone and Ruby is the birthstone of July. That doesn’t mean you cannot wear ruby as your engagement ring if you were born in another month, of course. It can be worn by anyone, regardless of their birthday.

Gemstones are often associated with certain attributes. Ruby is a gemstone associated with love and passion, thanks to its red color. This makes it an ideal choice for non-diamond engagement rings.

If you want to make ruby stands out, the best pair will be silver-colored metals like white gold or platinum. If you want to make it look warmer, then yellow gold settings will be ideal. Ruby’s deep red color also matches well with rose gold. When combined, the two create a very romantic and feminine setting.

2. Emerald

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Emerald

Next to ruby is the emerald gemstone. Emerald is the birthstone of May. The gemstone is associated with rebirth and renewal. Thus, emerald engagement rings can symbolize a new life as a married couple. If you are planning to marry in spring, emerald will be a great choice as it is also associated with the season.

Emerald stands out really well if it is placed in a white gold or platinum setting. If paired with silver-colored metals, the emerald looks sleek and modern. Emerald can also look more vintage and warmer if placed in yellow gold settings.

3. Sapphire

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Sapphire

If non-diamond engagement rings with plenty of beautiful colors to choose from are what you want, look no further than sapphire. Sapphires are gemstones that have a wide range of very beautiful colors, the most familiar one being blue sapphires.

Interestingly enough, regardless of their color, sapphires are associated with romance and loyalty. We all know romance and loyalty are two foundations of a successful marriage. This is a good reason to choose a sapphire engagement ring as it symbolizes the love and commitment of a couple.

This gemstone looks best when placed in platinum or white gold settings. That said, sapphires are found in yellow gold settings as well. In such settings, the gemstone gives off a vintage vibe.

4. Topaz

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Topaz

Some ancient civilizations associate the topaz gemstone with good fortune and strength. Some others believed that the gemstone ensures long life. Based on these beliefs, it is not surprising to see a lot of women choose topaz for their non-diamond engagement rings.

Similar to sapphire, topaz comes in many different colors. This is why topaz is a very versatile option. If you want a yellow gold setting, the best topaz will be yellow, orange, brown, and other warmer-colored ones. If you want a block of platinum or white gold setting, violet, light blue, and pink topaz is a perfect choice.

5. Amethyst

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Amethyst

There is something interesting about amethyst. Traditionally, the gemstone is given as a sixth wedding anniversary gift. And yet, many brides choose it for their engagement ring, which means they don’t have to reach the milestone anniversary to get it.

That’s quite understandable. Why? Well, because amethyst is considered one of the most romantic and feminine gemstones, especially when it is placed in a rose gold setting. Amethyst can also look sleek and sophisticated if paired with a platinum or white gold setting.

These are five of the most popular gemstones for non-diamond engagement rings. The fact is, there are still plenty more gemstones to choose from. If you don’t know which to choose, you can use birthday and choose the matching birthstone, for example. There are no rules here, so just follow your heart.

6. Moissanite

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Moissanite

For couples who are on a tight budget, non-diamond engagement rings are viable alternatives. The question is, what if you still want the diamond look? In that case, consider buying an engagement ring with moissanite.

Why? Because this gemstone resembles a diamond so much. This naturally-occurring gemstone has a clear appearance, colorless, and sparkle, just like a diamond does. So if you want the look but are on a tight budget, moissanite is a solid option.

  • Black Onyx
Non Diamond Engagement Rings Black Onyx

Do you know that the early Egyptians were the first ones to use onyx in jewelry? Apparently, the beauty of this gemstone is still appreciated today. If you really want to make a statement with your engagement ring, one of your best options is black onyx. No one can deny how attention-stealing an engagement ring with black onyx on it.

8. Opal

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Opal

Opal is similar to sapphire and topaz in terms of colors. That’s right. There are many colors to choose from. If you want a versatile alternative to diamonds, then you want to consider this gemstone. By the way, opal is associated with faithfulness, which makes it a very fitting choice for an engagement ring.

9. Turquoise

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Turquoise

Turquoise is definitely not the hardest of gemstones, but no one can deny how vibrant the gemstone looks. It is the ideal choice if you like a sophisticated look. Tip: Consider your lifestyle before choosing turquoise as it requires a bit of looking after.

10. Pearl

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Pearl

Diamonds are timeless options for engagement rings. That’s a fact. If timelessness is something you want in an engagement ring, one of the best alternatives is pearl. Pearls are not just timeless. They are also radiant (just look at that iridescence!).

11. Morganite

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Morganite

What if you want the sparkle of a diamond instead? Well, in that case, morganite is the right choice for you. This gemstone comes in beautiful shades of pink and blush. Best of all, it is budget-friendly, which is why it is not surprising if morganite has become a popular option in recent years.

12. Tanzanite

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Tanzanite

Some gemstones are associated with something. But what if you just want something pretty? Tanzanite is your friend. This precious stone is almost violet in hue and it looks so pretty.

13. Aquamarine

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Aquamarine

This gemstone is the birthstone of March. Compared to sapphire, aquamarine is paler and, usually, a bit more budget-friendly. That’s not to say it is less lovely than a sapphire, of course. The pale blue of aquamarine is thought to bring calm and peace to people who wear it.

14. Moonstone

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Moonstone

Did you know that ancient Greeks and Romans used moonstone in jewelry and adored them, believing it to be born from Moon’s solidified rays? Nowadays, moonstone has become a popular choice again and is a beautiful alternative to a diamond.

15. Gem-less

Non Diamond Engagement Rings Gem-less
Shot with a Canon 1D Mark 3. Two white gold wedding rings shot on a white cloth

Do you have to have a gemstone in an engagement ring? The answer is no. You don’t have to. Let us tell you the simplest type of non-diamond engagement rings: a gem-less band. The rings only have bands made out of a precious metal, which can be titanium, platinum, or gold. No gemstones on the bands at all.

Don’t worry about the look. Although the rings are gem-less, it doesn’t mean they have to look plain and simple. Adding intricate detailing is a good idea, for example. You can wear multiple gem-less bands at once, too. Or if you like the plain and simple look, then just go with it.

Which Gemstone Should You Choose?

Which Gemstone Should You Choose

Sorry, but we cannot answer that. At the end of the day, it is a matter of personal preference. That being said, you should also consider how your lifestyle is. If your lifestyle requires a center stone that is durable and sturdy, consider gemstones like ruby and sapphire as the two are almost as hard as diamond.

If your lifestyle does not, you will have more options. You don’t have to choose a durable and sturdy gemstone for your engagement ring, although you can if you want to.

Price is also a consideration. These non-diamond alternatives are not as expensive as diamonds, but their price does vary from one another. Choose a gemstone that is within your budget. Don’t worry, there are plenty of pretty gemstones even if you are on a budget.

And lastly, personal preference. What kind of gemstones do you like the most? What kind of gemstones do your fiancé like the most? Put these into considerations. After all, you two are the ones who will wear the engagement rings.

When it comes to engagement rings, there are various alternatives you have. If you don’t want a diamond engagement ring, you can always look for a non-diamond one. So, which non-diamond engagement rings do you like the most? Whichever it is, make sure that they express your love and commitment.


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