10 Best Colors To Create Color Harmony In Your Living Room

10 Best Colors To Create Color Harmony In Your Living Room

Best Colors To Create Color Harmony In Your Living Room

Have you ever wondered why some lounges are comfortable and inviting, while others are flat or seemingly unfinished? I will dedicate you to a design secret: this is the color. Adding harmonious tones to your color palette adds not only variety and depth, but also a sense of calm and calm. This is a color that can make your living room "ok" to "extraordinary"!

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But what color is harmonious? You can have different tones and patterns of the same color, called monochrome color schemes. Many people think that only black, gray and white are monochrome, but in reality, any color can be used in a monochromatic color palette. Analog color is a kind of harmonious color combination. This is the color that overlaps the color wheel. Some examples are blue and green, red and orange, and purple and blue.

Finding harmonious colors may look complicated, but it's actually easier than it sounds. These eleven beautiful salons and a harmonious color palette show you how making your living room, comfortable and comfortable using different patterns and patterns with the same style.

1. Coffee with cream on a rainy day
Cream coffee one rainy day

Make yourself at home with a cup of hot coffee or tea and novels in this soothing contemporary living room. This palette consists of cool neutral colors - brown, cream and gray monochrome. This rich brown sectional sofa features gray patterned cream and pillows. A soft brown carpet warms the floor. Light gray wall paint attracts coordinated gray elements from patterned pillows and has a calming effect.

2. Earth and sky in harmony
Earth and sky in harmony

This cheerful salon uses palettes that are rich in brown, turquoise and white, reminding the earth and sky. Monochrome tones that are brighter than chocolate and turquoise create harmony. Different brown shades on the walls and floors provide soothing warmth, while striped turquoise and curtain accessories give the room a touch of color and drama. The anti-skid white sofa is casual, comfortable and provides balance.

3. The nuance of City Peace
The shadow of the whole city

This urban living space is a haven for busy city life and a perfect example of how monochrome colors harmonize a room. The color palette is very simple: ivory carpets and sofas, tables and taupe walls and purple accessories. The three different purple tones that we see on pillows, artifacts, curtains and lights "end" the room, making it more complex and harmonious.

4. Sophisticated comfort in the old Hollywood style
Sophisticated comfort in the old Hollywood style

Pale blue, linen and white tones adorn this living room in an elegant tribute to ancient Hollywood. Old Hollywood style secrets lie in luxurious details: soft furniture with nail tips, velvet pillows, bedside tables with mirrors, white carpets, and metal ornaments. But how to prevent a pale living room from feeling too cold and formal? Warm up with a rich espresso floor and warm walls.

5. Harvest spices and everything are fine
Spice harvest and all Nice

Enjoy rich autumn colors throughout the year! Dark orange and gold are analog colors or colors that are aligned because they are side by side on the color wheel. To enhance the feeling of harmony, the pillow and carpet contain two monochrome and orange / brown orange colors. A sofa and loveseat in neutral tanning allow the eyes to rest in rich and saturated colors and balance the room.
6. Eternal Celadon: elegance and Zen
Eternal Celadon: elegance and Zen

There are several more elegant and casual color combinations than Celadon and espresso. In this room, the monochrome tone of two colors transmits gentle yet stimulating energy. Celadon chairs and bright Celadon walls create a delicious contrast with an espresso coffee table. Neutral cream carpets decorate the room, while satin flowering pillows are visually attractive. Brown colored vases and recliner chairs provide a homely atmosphere.

7. Uptown Princess, a fashion icon
Uptown Princess, a fashion icon

This stylish lounge is decorated with Neapolitan ice cream colors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries. Brown and cream tones on the wall give a feeling of comfort; pink pillows, tables, and golden lights present a touch of glamor in the room. Leopard print pillows are actually considered as neutral pillows that complement almost all colors. Strong black and white paint create contrasting contrast.

8. Roses at dusk
Roses at dusk

Optimistic intimate. Clear. These words come to your mind when you see this show. Walls, floors, and carpets have soothing gray shades and the sofa is held as deep as dusk, emphasized by a little leather collar. Pink pillows and flowers separate the ash and blue, so you don't get overwhelmed. Bright white tables add accents. Black and white photos open the wall with personality.

9. Comfortable beach style in sea glass and sand
Sand and sea glass Comfortable beach style

The colors of young creamy sand create a comfortable living room. Note that carpets, walls, sofas, and coffee tables have the same color tones and create soft harmony. Contrasting elements of the sea and white, green are added in the form of pillows and wall art on decorative strips. Gray pillows and picture frames provide a calming room for calm.

10. Warm reflection on a golden afternoon
Hot reflection on golden afternoons

Warm and inviting, monochrome works, gold in color, this one color invites guests to linger and enjoy traditional entertainment. The brightest gold tones are on the wall, giving the room an open and airy feel. The striped carpet contains several tonnes of caramel gold, topaz, and wheat that remind the room. Two soft espresso brown chairs, warm neutral, anchored in the room and prevented the gold tone from becoming monotonous. 

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