10 Best App to Build Your Own House You Need to Know

10 Best App to Build Your Own House You Need to Know

Building a house from scratch can be fun and beneficial, but it can also cause anxiety. However, there is good news: iPhone, iPad and Android offer homeowners tools that are not included in the toolbox but are needed for any home project. Whatever your phase, the application offers inspiration for design, budget management, construction, DIY guides, home improvement ideas, and more. In addition, they save time by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

You will find below a compilation of the "10 Best App To Build Your Own House" and make your smartphone the main tool of your box. Inspire, plan and wake up today!

1. Houzz

All big dreams begin with inspiration, and if you want to build, you cannot have enough. Houzz is your takeaway design application. This includes an extensive database of design ideas, creative concepts, and product reviews. This application is free, easy to use, and beautifully designed to make various rooms and research ideas. In addition, Houzz also offers you the opportunity to find professionals in your field, such as architects, builders, and suppliers, to assist you in your project.

2. Palette Cam

Palette Cam is an amazing free tool for creating specific color palettes and color schemes, inspired by everyday life. With this application, you can restore the color of the camera or the saved photo. They match and produce HEX values ​​and individual RGB (color codes) for each tone. With the default zoom display, you can accurately determine pixel accuracy in color selection. This is an excellent tool for making color combinations and choosing textile colors and colors.

3. Home Design 3D

With  Home Design 3D, you can make a 3D model of your home to test ideas before lifting a hammer or picking up a toolbox.

This free application provides floor plans and room layouts that you can draw in 2D, make openings, add walls, change shape and orientation - even wall thickness can be drawn. Your home design will be fast and intuitive. With special textures, 3D project modes, and Night / Day features, you can see exactly which side of the house the light falls on every day at different times. You can also choose furniture and decorative objects to make you feel the last feeling.

In addition, you can visualize and "visit" your creations in real time with a new photo-realistic 3D rendering of the application.

home design 3d app
home design 3d app

4. iHandy Carpenter

For $ 2.99, you can hold a protractor, a ruler, a level of spirit, a layer of lead and a finished surface with your hand. Visually appealing, it is the simplest and most beautiful joiner toolbox on the market that will help you with all your housing projects, big or small.

This application is very accurate and easy to use for beginners. It combines five professional tools into one.

  • Steel Angle Counter: Measure angles between 0 and 180 degrees.
  • Steel Rules: Supports inches and inches and measures longer items for your cell phone.
  • Bubble level: as you can see in a carpentry workshop.
  • Plumb bob: The easiest and easiest way to check the verticality of a line or wall.
  • Surface Level: smooth, flat surface.

iHandy Carpenter home design app
iHandy Carpenter home design app

5. Home Outside

For $ 4.49, Outside Home is a landscape design application with all the tools you need to make fun of your garden, create a new garden design, and share it with your friends and family. Ideal for homeowners who want to try new ideas in their garden, this allows you to choose and place more than 700 hand-drawn objects, including trees, gardens, swimming pools, terraces, hammocks, walkways, houses and warehouses, solar panels, etc. He created 2D aircraft that looked professional.
home outside design app
home outside design app

6. iScape - Landscape Design

With the free iScape application, you can see landscape projects that are finished on your property, even before you pull the shovel out of the warehouse. This application acts as a virtual park, allowing you to plan, plant and produce your own oasis and make a photorealistic rendering of your outdoor spaces (augmented reality or 2D design) stored directly on your smartphone or iPad simultaneously. Help with real pictures and photos.

Use the application to customize your project (you can adjust colors, add layers, text, and textures) before editing and saving. After your ideas are collected, you can also share them and mark them as favorites.
iscape landscap home design app
iscape landscap home design app

7. Rapid Reno Mate

Reno Mate which is free is the main companion of renovators. This is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your renovation business. Rapid Reno Mate is like your personal project manager and will help you at every step, making it easy to renovate your home.

The main feature

· Plan several projects
· Follow your budget
· Manage your trade
· Find the products and suppliers closest to them
· Access to exclusive offers
· DIY inspiration and assistance

This application was developed by fast renovation expert Naomi Findlay, who wanted to create a simple solution that allowed renovation experts to make successful renovations repeatedly. It's never been easier to start a renovation!

Rapid Reno Mate home design app
Rapid Reno Mate home design app

8. RoOomy

This free application is the best way to find new trends in decorating. He offers the largest selection of 3D furniture products in the world so you can try them before you buy them. This application uses augmented reality to display products directly in your room. You can also directly visit the merchant's website to make a purchase.

With the iPad app, you can take or use photos of the room you want to decorate. It measures your space and turns it into a 3D space where you can add 3D decorations and furniture such as tables, chairs, beds, floors, curtains and more.
rooomy home design app
rooomy home design app

9. SketchUp

Previously, interior architecture and software were reserved for professionals but modified with SketchUp. Although that is not necessarily an application, we think to add it because it is very popular and for various reasons. SketchUp is a 3D drawing tool that is very intuitive and easy to learn. You can draw a plan and view of construction and make a step-by-step procedure and the transition from your design. SketchUp also has the largest collection of free 3D models in the world, allowing you to add building materials, plants and real objects such as furniture and equipment to your design in just a few clicks. He really put the design software in the hands of ordinary people.

SketchUp home design app
SketchUp home design app

10. Airtasker

Perfect if you are looking for dealers or craftsmen, cleaners, movers and more. With Airtasker, you can make a list of tasks (including details of time and location) and a budget that is appropriate for that. The Tasker can then bid for the position, view the profile and value, and choose the best candidate. Airtasker supports the financial aspects of operations and makes it a user-friendly and transparent platform.

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